So it’s that womanly time again

Thats why I was in so much pain.

And this morning I woke up at 6 when I finally got to sleep at 4 because the pain apparently didn’t stop. I feel back to sleep after my dad left for work and woke up again at 3 pm. So now I’m fine.

But on the second day of this womanly time I can’t really eat anything. So it’s like I fast for the whole day and gorge myself with food at a late hour. I always do this. 

So all I do is drink water to get me through the day, and I’m fine with that. Nothing bad has ever happened when I do this which is why I still do this.

But when my mom called me out of my room to come down stairs, I got up, walked over to the stairs and suddenly I felt dizzy. I couldn’t see for a good 4 seconds, every thing was fuzzy and my knees couldn’t  stand up straight.


I was about to fall down the stairs.

But I’ve felt this before, its when you get up too fast and your head starts reeling and you kind of freeze. Except like I told you, it was much stronger than that.

I don’t know why, but I had to write that. Something like that hasn’t happened before.

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