so I have a printer that prints some quality photos. My sister needed to print her own color photos so she bought this HUGE packet of 4x6  inch Premium photo paper, Glossy. She only needed two pictures :/
so I was wondering if I could figure some stuff out I could do little commissions with these.
I’m going to go through and count how many I have (it should be about 100) but  what I was wondering is that I could do small 5-10$ commissions. Digitally. I’d draw 4x6 inch doodads on the computer and print it out on this nice paper and then send them your way in the mail.
of course if anyone outside the US wants this it’ll be a dollar or just 50 cents extra.
ITS JUST AN IDEA. Tell me if you are intrested
  1. synco said: lol guess who’s really poor.
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